Fees & Payment

Please contact me to discuss fees for counseling. Payment is due at the time of your session. I accept cash, credit cards, and checks.

If you would like to use your health insurance, it will usually provide some coverage for mental health treatment. With your permission, I can assist you in obtaining information about your benefits for counseling and assist you in filing claims. It is your responsibility for knowing your coverage and letting me know if and when your coverage changes.

Your insurance co-payment will be due at the time of your session.
I also use a sliding fee rate on a case by case basis, based on your income.

 **Please note that benefits are an agreement between you and your insurance company. I cannot guarantee any insurance coverage or reimbursement. If your insurance does not cover counseling or does not cover your session after a claim has been submitted, you are responsible for the full session fee. If you have eligibility concerns or questions, you should contact your insurance provider directly. 

For more information on my services, please visit the following pages: